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5 Steps to Minimizing Performance Barriers

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When developing and maintaining a Continuous Improvementculture in organizations today, it is critical that leaders provide employeeswith a process for overcoming obstacles. Whether anticipated, or unforeseen, barriers can easily derailemployees’ efforts and cause a decline in performance outcomes.  To keep performance improvements on trackleaders can follow a practical, five-step process.

5 Steps to MinimizingPerformance Barriers

  1. Agree     that a barrier exists
  2. Discuss     alternatives to minimizing the barrier
  3. Agree     on actions to be taken to implement an alternative course of action
  4. Follow     up to confirm follow through on the actions taken
  5. Adjust     processes to ensure the barrier remains minimized moving forward

By helping employees face barriers head on a leader willbuild trust and reinforce a Continuous Improvement culture.  Over time, employees will become more adeptat recognizing barriers, providing alternative opens and following through withcorrective actions on their own.

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