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HP Product Line Leadership Award

Shrinking IT budgets and the need to invest in new technology are just two of the problems facing retailers today. Retailers want to provide customers with a personalized an… http://wiki.gilcommunity.com/gil-talks/bp-2012-hp/

ABB Competitive Strategy Leadership Award

The largest transformation in today’s business world is the depth of data and they way it’s used to reveal consumer behaviour and operations. Customer loyalty is increasingl… http://wiki.gilcommunity.com/gil-talks/bp-2012-abb/

Fuji Film Medical New Product Innovation Award

A reclassification by the FDA has the number of FFDM devices skyrocketing. With a slew of new purchase options, picking a digital mammography system can be a daunting task. Af… http://wiki.gilcommunity.com/gil-talks/bp-2012-fuji-film-medical-systems/

Senova New Product Innovation Award

pH is one of the most important and vital properties of nature. But time consuming calibration and the fragile glass electrodes that are used to measure pH are outdated and th… http://wiki.gilcommunity.com/gil-talks/bp-2012-senova/

GE Healthcare Costumer Value Enhancement Award

Integrated solutions that offer complete hospital management and visibility are increasingly in demand. Large hospitals all over the world are under constant pressure. They ne… http://wiki.gilcommunity.com/gil-talks/bp-2012-ge/

AC2 Solutions Product Award

When forecasting and scheduling customer contact agents there is little margin for error. Mistakes in under-or overestimating staff requirements will cost organizations either… http://wiki.gilcommunity.com/gil-talks/bp-2012-ac2-solutions/

Echopass North America Market Share Leadership Award

Today, nearly every industry knows the power of the cloud. Contact centers have been using the power of the cloud for years but the real power is in the nearly 2 billion dolla… http://wiki.gilcommunity.com/gil-talks/bp-2012-echopass/

Mediasite Market Share Leadership Award

Lecture capture solutions have taken the educational experience to the next level by incorporating rich media into the learning environment more effectively than ever before. … http://wiki.gilcommunity.com/gil-talks/sonic-foundry-mediasite/

Mach 7 Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award

A new pattern is emerging in the medical imaging marketplace. Huge and inconsistent PACS archives are giving way to more flexible and easy to use systems. In order for tradi… http://wiki.gilcommunity.com/gil-talks/mach-7-technologies/

Rosetta Genomics Company of the Year

In the U.S. there are many labs that can do cancer and genetic testing, but the ones that truly stand out in the market are breaking new ground and bringing value to both pati… http://wiki.gilcommunity.com/gil-talks/rosetta-genomics-2/

Cavium Company of the Year Award

Since its inception in 2000, Cavium has established itself strongly within the semiconductor market. Its impressive product portfolio, which includes integrated and scalab… http://wiki.gilcommunity.com/gil-talks/cavium/

Leading Manufacturers Focus on Forging Closer Customer Relationships

Each year the Progressive Manufacturing Awards present a clear window into manufacturers' current competitive priorities.
Each year the Progressive Manufacturing Awards present a clear window into manufacturers' current competitive priorities. As the nominations continue to flow in, it is becoming cl… http://wiki.gilcommunity.com/discussion/leading-manufacturers-focus-forging-closer-customer-relation/

Past PM100 winners

Past PM100 winners
2010 Winners High  Achievers    2010 Progressive  Manufacturer of the Year, Large Enterprise Category: Freescale Semiconductor  Inc. … http://wiki.gilcommunity.com/discussion/past-pm100-winners/

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