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Employees and the Limits of the 'Always-On' Work Culture

Posted By Chris Chiappinelli, December 07, 2012 at 7:10 AM, in Category: The Adaptive Organization

In a poll that Manufacturing Executive and the Manufacturing Leadership Council conducted this year, we asked executives to share their views on how employees are dealing with mobility at work--including how the introduction of mobile devices, new apps, and new work processes is stretching the boundaries of the traditional 9-5 workday.

Thirty-nine percent see a "high level" of acceptance among workers, and believe that employees like the advantages mobility affords them. Another 42% of manufacturing execs said they see a "moderate level" of acceptance for mobility, agreeing with the statement that "many [employees] have accepted it, but there is evidence of fatigue and stress."

Sixteen percent see a "low level" of acceptance in their workforce for mobile culture. I'd be interested to hear what Manufacturing Executive readers see in this regard. In what ways is mobility helping your business? In what ways do you think it might be undermining the workforce?

We'll hold a webcast on this topic on Thursday, December 13, during which we'll explore more of the findings from this research, hear from a manufacturing executive who is using mobility to his company's advantage, and invite participants to ask questions and share insight on all things mobility.

View the illuminating discussion on demand.

Written by Chris Chiappinelli

Chris Chiappinelli is the online research manager for Manufacturing Leadership. He covers enterprise software, sustainability, economic trends, workforce issues, and emerging technologies.


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