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Green Energy Canadian Style

Posted By Jeff Moad, May 03, 2011 at 11:18 AM, in Category: Sustainability

Several consumer products companies and other organizations in Canada have begun to sign up for an interesting service that allows them to claim that their businesses run exclusively on renewable energy. Unilever Canada, Kraft Canada, and others have signed on with Bullfrog Power, a company that generates electricity and natural gas from renewable sources. Customers pay Bullfrog what the company calls a "green premium" that is over and above the energy charges they normally pay to their utility provider. In return, Bullfrog injects electricity and/or natural gas from renewable sources back into the public grid in the amounts used by the industrial customer.

The Bullfrog customers say the service allows them to be perceived by customers as responsible, sustainable manufacturers.

This type of service would certainly make sense in an environment where cap-and-trade regulations were in effect. But does it make sense where cap-and-trade isn't the law?

Are manufacturers using these types of green energy replacement services justified in claiming to be engaging in sustainable manufacturing?

Category: Sustainability
Written by Jeff Moad

Jeff Moad is Research Director and Executive Editor with the Manufacturing Leadership Community. He also directs the Manufacturing Leadership Awards Program. Follow our LinkedIn Groups: Manufacturing Leadership Council and Manufacturing Leadership Summit


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