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Easypsim Global Customer Value Enhancement Award

Simple and easy to use – that’s what using a software system should feel like, especially in today’s data-heavy world of security systems. Hello, I’m Tonya Fowler with Frost & Sullivan.

Rolling out a new software system can be time-consuming because of increasingly complicated architectures. These complications can cause difficulties that can be hard for the average user to navigate. Software that is easy to run, deploy, and maintain is the best way to keep systems up to date and running at their optimal levels.

Easypsim lives up to its name – it’s easy to learn, operate and use with other systems because it has such a simple and intuitive interface.

Thanks to its open architecture and standard programming interface, Easypsim can be easily integrated with just about any security system or device in the market today.

Fast, easy and reliable – these are just some of the reasons we are proud to award Easypsim with the 2013 Global Customer Value Enhancement Award for Physical Security Information Management. Congratulations on the award.