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GHX Company of the Year Award

Automation improves connectivity across the supply chain by eliminating unwanted costs.

Millions of products move across the healthcare supply.  In our Frost & Sullivan research we have confirmed that a major challenge of the healthcare industry is to provide products efficiently and at an optimal cost.  

Enter GHX’ cloud based supply chain solutions. These unique solutions have gained both market share and credibility through an "open and neutral" policy, allowing for collaboration among both buyers and sellers. GHX’s solutions allow hospitals to commit more resources to delivering quality patient care and suppliers the funds they need to innovate.

With an impressive 98% customer retention rate, GHX prides itself on approximately 348,000 leading partner connections. Serving as the integration hub for healthcare industry has been the winning strategy for GHX and the industry as a whole.

GHX has identified key growth areas that leverage its core connectivity and community. These include the implantable device supply chain, contract collaboration and visibility. Unique device identification and e-invoicing along with inventory management, continue to improve utilization in the markets it currently serves.

For their innovation in growth strategy and excellence in the connected healthcare intelligence space, Frost & Sullivan is proud to present GHX with the 2013 Company of the Year Award in the Global Healthcare Supply Chain Management Solutions market. Congratulations on the award!