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Plantronics Visionary Innovation Leadership Award

Mega Trends are global, sustainable, socio-economic, and demographic developments that define our future world.

Two powerful Mega Trends are impacting enterprises and contact centers. The first is Connectivity and Convergence. Frost & Sullivan predicts that by 2020, there will be 10 connected devices for every household, five connected devices for every person, five billion Internet users, and 500 devices with unique digital IDs per square kilometer. 

The second is Mobility. Today’s highly mobile workforce needs convenient access to business communications and collaboration tools while in transit. Missing a critical client call or an important internal meeting doesn’t have to be worry even in transit.

But, not all business tasks are easy and safe to perform while mobile. Taking a business call in certain environments like busy airports or noisy households can pose problems. Headsets provide considerable benefits to connected and mobile professionals, including safety, improved ergonomics, noise cancellation, and the ability to switch devices.

Plantronics has successfully aligned its product development roadmap with these two key Mega Trends. Its visionary innovation has had a profound impact on consumers and business users as well as society. How? It was through a Plantronics headset that astronaut Neil Armstrong uttered those immortal words that began with “One small step...” on July 20, 1969, when he stepped onto the surface of the Moon.

In addition to delivering superior audio quality and ergonomics, Plantronics headsets also help employees carry out tasks effectively and safely while mobile. Plantronics headsets enable over-connected individuals to multi-task and to manage inputs from multiple channels, including unified communications and conferencing, through a single endpoint. Context-awareness features and Smart Sensor technologies allow Plantronics’ devices to react based on the user’s status, availability, and location.  Multichannel convergence via Plantronics Vocalyst technology allows users to hear e-mails, SMS/text messages, social media comments, and newsfeeds without  having to glance down at a device.

With its focus on functionality, durability, and versatility, Plantronics excels. For these reasons Frost & Sullivan is proud to recognize Plantronics with the 2013 Visionary Innovation Leadership in the Unified Communications and Collaboration and Customer-Contact Markets.