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Riello Global Product Leadership Award

Back up power solutions need to be both energy efficient and eco-friendly if they want to survive in todays market.

With the growth of mission critical applications, the UPS industry needs a high level of product innovation.

End users want UPS products that provide enhanced performance in all aspects, rather than focusing on just one, like energy efficiency. Manufacturers must approach product development from a holistic perspective.

Riello differentiates itself by providing the perfect balance of features and functionalities while paying close attention to market needs.

Riello also succeeds in incorporating innovative elements to its existing product line. The “SuperCaps UPS” is the company’s newest product. Riello has developed this unique UPS system using super capacitors to accumulate energy instead of conventional batteries. This provides greater energy efficiency, lower costs and a reduced footprint.

For its leadership in UPS products and developing its product line to suit the needs of the market Frost & Sullivan is proud to present the 2013 Global Product Leadership Award in the UPS market to Riello. Congratulations on the Award!