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Mach 7 Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award

A new pattern is emerging in the medical imaging marketplace. Huge and inconsistent PACS archives are giving way to more flexible and easy to use systems.

In order for traditional PACS applications to work in modern healthcare, they must not only be the best of the best, but also be able to forge new ground in this fast moving industry and be able to fully integrate with existing systems.

First-generation PACS vendor neutral archives (VNA) were not able to deliver on the promise of enterprise-wide integration of medical images and related information. Innovation is now fueling the evolution of enterprise imaging informatics platforms towards next-generation image management and archiving capabilities.

With this emerging model, the back-end image management infrastructure is an open, standards-based platform that consolidates departments, sites and multi-vendor RIS/PACS environments.

Mach 7 Technologies’ Keystone Suite is one such solution that has demonstrated a solid track record in the global marketplace. It allows imaging providers to integrate their imaging enterprise, consolidate and share imaging data, and generate operational efficiencies.

The key to enabling an effective market transition to next-generation imaging informatics it to use the best in class technology with strategic business management. Two powerful strategies Mach 7 uses to the best of their advantage.

In the process, Mach 7 is building global brand awareness and recognition, while its engineering team is pursuing dynamic research and development efforts to keep their company at the leading edge of technology.

For their product innovation and continued market success Frost & Sullivan is proud to present the 2012 Global Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award in Enterprise Imaging Informatics to Mach 7 Technologies.